Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Old PPL and Facebook

Click on the picture to Read what Happened when this unsuspecting lady learned the hard way that FB is not so private! HAHA

"Ur Love Cave" Really? How big of a slut are you? Okay I Understand you may be a frustraded cougar who has not been laid in a couple months but using a phrase like "Getting Mounted by such a stong and powerful man was a pleasent surprise" is a little much. And if you feel the need to write these things at least send a text where you know 100% that ur audience is limited to 1.

Cash for Refridgerators

Your refrigerator could soon be on the run from you. Cash for Clunkers was ok but now they are just making shit up to pass.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Breckenridge 4th of July Bowl

As the GPS read 13,663 ft the air is a little thin but the juice was well worth the squeeze. After what seemed like endless switch backs with unforgiving inclines we had finally made it to the summit. The reward was an icy cold PBR and a nice ski run down the mountain in the middle of the summer. Usually this time of year I have my toes buried in the sugar white Gulf of Mexico sand with Corona and lime on tap. I have to say this was a stellar change of pace; the view of the surrounding ranges atop the peak was humbling Mother Nature’s way of letting us know how small we really are. Luckily that day she rewarded our exhausting hike with powder blue skies and picturesque clouds.

Flag Posted up at the peak, Im a God Damn AMERICAN!! Seemed to be the phase of the day...

This Ridge to the peak was very steep off to the right if u make a wrong step ur tumbling the whole way down

Photographic Art

This is my first attempt at a framless picture. It was created with siple wood frame, picture laid ontop and epoxy poured over it to bond the print to the frame.

Free Ringtones for iPhone

You would think that Apple would let you make a ring tone out of a song you already own from the iTunes store for free, but this is not the case. The song cost .99 and when u make the RT they charge you another 99 cents. To me this is ridiculous and a fee no one should have to pay. Below I will show you how to make your own ringtones out of any song in ur library weather you bought it or downloaded illegally.

Step 1: Select a song from your library and right click on it, select “Get Info”, Click on the “Options” tab, Select the start and stop time boxes. Make the length about 30 secs(or whatever is your favorite part of the song.

Step 2: Click and hold onto the modified song and move it to ur desk top by dragging it.

Step 3: Once it is moved change the extension (ie mp3) to m4r. This is the format you must have it in to move it back into the ringtones folder in ur iTunes.

Step 4: Now that you have the file modified all you need to do is import it back, iTunes will recognize it and put it in with the ringtones.

Step 5: Now you just need to sync ur iPhone and it will show up as a custom tone on ur iPhone.

Remember to change the start/stop times back to the full length of the song on the song that you modified or when u you go to play it again it will just play the abbreviated version.

This is a pretty simple process I hope you enjoy your new tones, if you have any questions leave them in the comment box. Special thanks to Jay_sloefast for showing me how to do this

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Safe Sex

Ok this is a really random post but deal with it. So I listen to wayne alot and some of his lyrics i just pass off as jibberish. Well today im listening to Pandora and I hear Lollipop(Remix), and at the end is the following line:

"Safe sex is great sex, better wear that latex cause you dont want that late text, that "I think im late" text Heh-Heh, so wrap it up".

So as im listening to it im cracking up and my coworkers are giving me wierd looks. If ur not listening carefully it just sounds like he is saying Latex over and over, but upon further review it is a very clever line. Dont underestimate Wayne.
That is all....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Garden of the Gods

While on Business in Colorado Springs i made a trip over to this great park.