Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gifts are Fun.

If you have a sister or mom I have found the best gift possible for a birthday. Every year when my two sisters Mom’s birthdays roll around I either 1 let my mom buy something that she puts my name on or two just get a card. But this year when my sister Suzanne’s b-day came around I figured I am almost 25(yea im old and think I feel a quarter life crises coming on) and should prob stop letting my mom buy gifts that are "from me". So I ventured over to any aspiring housewife’s MECCA Crate&Barrel and bought an 80oz Swoon Carafe in other words a Decanter. There are 5 reasons why this gift is fool proof.
1. It looks fancy as shit but is only 26 dollars, and women love wine.
2 You don’t have to wrap it cus they put it in one of those C&B boxes with festive tissue paper.
3. Women love shit from C&B they see that minimalist black and white box and they immediately think "fun wine glasses" or "Cute plates". Bottom line you could put a turd in a C&B box and the recipient would say OMG that is such a cute paper weight!!!!!!!!
4. You don’t have to buy a card cus they attach a little C&B thing on handle.
5. Even "two buck chuck" looks and tastes expensive when poured out of a decanter.
So far I have given this gift to my Sister Suzanne and have purchased it for my Mom who will be receiving the gift tomorrow, and when my sister Sarah turns 30 in December, you guessed it she’s getting a C&B Decanter!!!!

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