Monday, July 20, 2009

Fat Ass Baby

Chelsea Lately usually does a Fat baby segment at the end of every episode but she has seemingly stopped. I took it upon myself to give the world some digital cheeks to squeeze. This adorable little nugget is my niece and my sister Suzanne's daughter Reece. This is not a recent picture and she has since grown out of her baby fat much to my dismay. Look at those cheeks, what does she keep in there? Acorns, gushers, marsh-mellows, i dont know but I can only hope my kid has cheeks like this little heffer.


Anonymous said...

Take it easy on Reese, she was only a baby! You need to post a recent pic of her. Your little niece is going to get you for calling her a "fat ass"

MWC said...

I said i loved her cheeks, Fat is used in the most loving of terms.