Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scuba Diving with Gentle Giants

This past Friday Leighton and I went Scuba Diving in the GA Aquarium. Over twenty exotic species in the biggest tank in the world with more than 8.1 Million gallons. From Manta Rays to Hammer Heads, Saw Fish and monster Grouper this tank has a plethora of species. Most of which you would need to travel thousands of miles to see in their native waters. This was a first class experience all the way, you don't even have to lift your own tank. There are four Whale Sharks in the tank, they use long fluid strokes of the tail fin to propel themselves across the top of the tank. These majestic fish barely know your there, one came within 2 ft when i was ascending. The dive was a memorable experience that I wont soon forget.


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