Sunday, May 3, 2009

Washington DC Exclusive Tour

By Josh Ferguson

Walking through the 100 plus year old tunnel that connects the Senate Office Building to the Nations Capitol was nothing short of surreal thinking about the many world leader that may have traveled the same path that I followed.
Traveling through a rotunda we took the turn to approach the capitol. No need for senators to walk from this point, nope they have their own special trolly to cart them back and forth. Trollies were not open when we arrived to we hoofed it up a slight incline to the Capitol. We ascended up a set of stairs next to the Foreign Relations committee meeting room. Painting covered every inch of the walls and ceiling reminiscent of my visit to the Vatican. We made our way to the main rotunda of the Capitol and the grandness of the room rivaled that of anything saw in Vatican City. Its easy to forget that the history in Washington is just as impressive as some of the other attractions around the world.

-Special thanks to my Washington insider Hoops Mcdoogal

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